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Chicago Coin was one of the early major manufacturers of pinball tables founded in Chicago, Illinois. The company was first a label and then a division of Chicago Dynamic Industries which was founded in 1931 by Samuel H. Gensburg to operate in the coin-operated amusement industry. In 1977, Gary Stern and Sam Stern purchased the assets of the Chicago Coin Machine Division as it was then called to found Stern Electronics, Inc.

From 1950 to 1952 the Chicago Coin Machine Company produced one "medium-size" jukebox and introduced a very special, wall-mounted, speaker for a jukebox; the Chicago Coin's Band-Box. Chicago Coin’s marketed it as a speaker that looks like an Orchestra – “The World’s Smallest Band”, “Strike Up The Band”, and “Hit Tune Of The Week”.

When the Jukebox played a record, the curtains would open and you could watch the animated manikin musicians play a tune by “The World’s Smallest Band”. After the record was finised the curtain would close.

“Back in the day”, a bar owner would use the band box to build excitement for his clientele and to get the customers to drop more coins in the jukebox. In present time this Chicago Coin Band-Box speaker is the holy grail of jukebox accessories and very rare.

In 1985 Brad Frank owner of Brad Frank Restorations took control of the Chicago Coin Trademark after the court ordered bankruptcy. He continued manufacturing replacement parts for some of the over 600 arcade machines manufactured under the Chicago Coin Trademark brand.

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